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Modify Your Car to Save Gas


Did you know that you can convert your car
to a water-burning car?

This is a Do-It-Yourself, affordable and SIMPLE technology.
SIMPLE to install/remove: the solution you've been looking for!
Boost performance while preventing smog.
Is it possible to run my car on water?
Here you will find testimonials of happy customers.
You will find out how it works and get your questions answered:

Discover IRS refunds owed to you by law for using green technology in your vehicle!
Enjoy risk-free shopping with 100% Cash Back Guarantee.
 More affordable than any other technology that uses water to run a car - and in the next 10 minutes you will discover exactly HOW this is possible.

Is It Possible to Run My Car on Water?

I have had a water-to-energy converter running in my car for over a year. YOU CAN TOO. I'm going to tell you about a SIMPLE technology you can have right now, which includes five Secret WaterPower Formulas. These are the most PRACTICAL free-energy devices, marked by extraordinary simplicity and effectiveness.

We have developed devices that use a little electricity out of your car's battery, to separate water into a gas called HHO (2 Hydrogen + 1 Oxygen). HHO, also called Brown's Gas or Hydroxy, burns beautifully and provides TONS of energy while the end product is just WATER! Mobile Magazine says HHO provides the atomic power of Hydrogen, while maintaining the chemical stability of water.

DID YOU KNOW: Pound for pound HHO GAS IS 3 TIMES MORE POTENT THAN GASOLINE!!! HHO is a fast growing trend for boosting performance and MPG.

  • We took a 90-year-old suppressed technology,
  • You will discover how affordable yet very effective these devices are.
  • You have our permission to replicate all of our devices for fun or profit!
  • Easy to install & maintain.
  • Good for carb/fuel injection, gas/diesel. Old/new cars, light trucks, boats, more.

    You can! But how? Miracles? No, no, no. You generate free energy by ENHANCING the EFFICIENCY of your poorly designed engine!!! Your engine uses 20% of the energy stored in that expensive gasoline and WASTES 80% for heat, pollution (unburned fuel!) and vibration. Reducing waste with our technology = "free energy" for you! Read on.

    The Time Has Come For This Technology

    Everybody's talking about the power of Hydrogen. What they don't tell you is that Hydrogen cars with their pressurized hydrogen, and hydrogen gas stations are a BIG safety hazard.

    It gets worse: hydrogen factories pollute the environment and spoil the ecological advantage of hydrogen cars.

    The solution that the Secret WaterPower Formulas technology provides you with is called "Hydrogen-On-Demand" you produce Hydrogen when you need it. No storage tanks!!! Far better for the environment; perfectly safe for you and your passengers.

    Water Is The Fuel of The Future!

    We offer a cost effective, immediate solution to the "energy crisis" and pollution right now. Something YOU can do NOW, using water. Secret WaterPower Formulas technology provides you with a great ENTRY-LEVEL solution you can install in a few minutes without engine modifications. You start driving, and the next thing you know you start thinking: "Hey, something CAN be done about it!"

    I don't expect you to believe in 100% watercars. You see, your belief level has to rise step by step. Free energy is hard to believe until it's actually happening under your own hood...until you see it in your energy bills. In April 2006 I was skeptic too. So start with this first easy step. 

    We open the door for you Welcome to FREE ENERGY!

    Why You Need This Technology Today

    What Secret WaterPower Formulas Will Do For You:

    When I was a child, my father was always telling me how impossible it was to get energy out of nothing. He was right it's impossible to get it out of nothing but the scientists "forgot" to tell him that water is not "nothing"  WATER IS A VERY POWERFUL FUEL. All you need is the right "match" to ignite it and BANG! 

    Wait a minute! If you're thinking now "if water when converted to gas is explosive, isn't it dangerous?" NO, IT IS NOT DANGEROUS, due to several factors that you will see in a minute. I've been driving with it every day for over a year and have 100's of other drivers using Secret WaterPower Formulas technology in very hot and very cold climates it is totally SAFE and if it wasn't safe Secret WaterPower Formulas would be out of business before the end of the day. The way we release water energy is very safe and it will be ignited only by the strong spark inside your engine!

    WaterPower HHO Device VERY LITTLE WATER is needed...
    1 quart/1 Litre of water (see photo) may last for MONTHS of driving. How come? That's because this small device forces each Gallon of water to expand into gigantic proportions: 1833 Gallons of combustible gas!!!

    Here's the best-kept secret the energy lords have been keeping from you about Hydrogen-On-Demand:


    According to extensive road tests in the USA and Canada, Australia, Europe and now in Asia, Secret WaterPower Formulas technology can produce the following results for your vehicle or motorboat, gasoline or diesel:

    • Double your mileage, possibly more: Our road tests have achieved 50% increase on a heavy 350 V8 van, 56% on a Ford truck, 107% on a Toyota car. Imagine slashing your energy bills left and right!
    • Clean up emissions that damage your health and the health of your family. When burned, the "Brown's Gas" we produce turns right back into water! No harmful chemicals are emitted from this system. Since your engine would take LESS gasoline and BURN IT MORE COMPLETELY, the overall effect is dramatic reduction in harmful emissions. You'll be able to smell the difference.
    • Greatly enhance engine power and performance.
    • Remove carbon deposits and prevent future carbon build up.
    • Reduce engine temperature protect your environment and your engine.
    • You will notice a calmer, quieter and much smoother engine & gearshifts. This is due to the effect water has on the combustion cycle inside your engine.
    • Enjoy a longer life expectancy of your engine, especially pistons, valves, rings and bearings.
    • Pride and satisfaction: I enjoy being a leader and advisor on gas economy. You too will feel a great deal of pride and satisfaction by sharing your newly acquired knowledge with your friends, family, neighbors, community/church members and co-workers. So many drivers and truck/fleet owners struggle, when they don't have to! Once the word comes out they will come to YOU for advice.
    • It's up to you if you want to turn your new knowledge and experience into an income source. You can! If you are a volunteer or a minister and work for the community, you can share your knowledge as part of your service. In today's crazy gasoline prices, I believe this simple technology is more valuable than free food.

    What Secret WaterPower Formulas Will Do For Your Environment:

    • Eliminate harmful exhaust emission that pollute the environment and contribute to global warming.
    • Reduce petroleum demand and our economical dependability. Water is available everywhere and we need little of it.
    • Reduce engine operating temperatures also helps to prevent global warming.
    • Your clean-burning fuel will add only water and oxygen into the atmosphere instead of polluting it.

    Happy Customers Say...


    Mileage gain 68%!

    I wanted to report that my friend, an 85 year old mechanic, installed a Hydrogen-On-Demand system on my car and it went from 28 mpg on the highway to 47!

    N.G. (Seattle, Washington, USA)

    1985 Isuzu: improved power, cleaner exhaust

    I have connected a three bottle Secret WaterPower Formulas system to my 1985 ISUZU P'up and am happy with the results. I am only on the early phases of this experiment but the power is improved, and the exaust is definitely cleaner. ... Installation is very simple. Bottle to air cleaner.

    L.B. (Texas, USA)

    "Increased my mileage 70%"

    I increased my mileage 70%.
    1999 Cadillac Sedan DeVille.

    G.A. (Pennsylvania, USA)

    Mileage gain 48.5%!

    My friend Don C. tried out the charged water system in his 1993 Pontiac Grand AM. Went from 28 MPG to 41.6 MPG.

    Bill Lang (Florida, USA)

    "I'm sold!"

    I only 'found-out' about hydrogen technology within the last MONTH..! I mean, that there are kits & plans available for the average guy to do it NOW..!

    Your is a mesmerizing website = = I'm sold!
    So it seems too good an opportunity to pass up.
    I will be back tomorrow to purchase your two e-books.

    R.A. Foreman (USA)

    "This site blows them all away"

    "I purchased all the components for the HHO system....This is a wonderful thing to finally see happen. I knew there were others out there trying to create GREEN energy and sell it, but this site blows them all away. Many thank you's for the posting of such a great collection of information. Hopefully I can add to it in the near future. To a GREENER TOMORROW!!!!"

    Eric from Wisconsin (USA)

    How Does It Work?

    It's very simple. You don't change your engine or computer. A quart-size (95O cc) container is placed somewhere under the hood. You fill it with DISTILLED WATER and a little bit of BAKING SODA. The device gets vacuum and electricity (12 Volts) from the engine, and produces HHO gas (Hydrogen+Oxygen). The HHO gas is supplied to the engine's intake manifold or carburetor as shown below. 

    Our design is simple, effective and safe. Don't worry, you will get full instructions and diagrams that make it simple and clear. It takes a couple of minutes to connect: 

    How to Connect Hydrogen-Oxygen flow to the engine

    The electrical connection is very simple - we have eliminated the need to use relays or any other complications. The device connects to the 12 Volts of your battery via the ignition switch, to prevent hydrogen production when the engine is off. The device is fuse protected and draws very little current, only 1-3 Amps! This takes 10 minutes or less to connect.

    Electrical connection of hydrogen on demand

    Due to our unique design - stainless steel SPIRALS rather than PLATES - this device produces HHO gas for less electric power out of your battery (compared to older technology based on stainless steel plates). The spirals are also very easy to make BY HAND, compared to the plates that require expensive machinery to cut and process.


    In my humble opinion, diesel installation is much simpler! If you have a TURBO Charger, I'm not sure yet - we've had feedbacks of great success (see below) but we're are still testing TURBO and will publish results soon.

    For a regular diesel, connect the HHO hose between the air filter and the intake manifold as shown below:

    Diesel installation is simple

    Recent success stories with diesels:

    1. Giorgio Rossi from Origgio, Italy, was so happy with his results - 77% better mileage on a Volkswagen Bora 1.9 TDI (Turbo Diesel Injection, similar to the Volkswagen Jetta TDI) - that he created a website called "Water4Diesel" promoting Secret WaterPower Formulas technology for diesels. See his testimonial above.

    2. Water4Gas4Trucks: Carter B. from the USA has boosted the mileage of his "big-rig" (large truck, 18-wheeler) by an average of 26%. That's a HUGE gain for a big rig! I never thought we'd go over 15% with the big diesels. His truck has a 12.7 Litre Detroit turbo diesel engine, and you can see his installation at

    How Does It Work?

    It's very simple. You don't change your engine or computer. A quart-size (95O cc) container is placed somewhere under the hood. You fill it with DISTILLED WATER and a little bit of BAKING SODA. The device gets vacuum and electricity (12 Volts) from the engine, and produces HHO gas (Hydrogen+Oxygen). The HHO gas is supplied to the engine's intake manifold or carburetor as shown below. 

    Our design is simple, effective and safe. Don't worry, you will get full instructions and diagrams that make it simple and clear. It takes a couple of minutes to connect: 

    How to Connect Hydrogen-Oxygen flow to the engine

    The electrical connection is very simple we have eleiminated the need to use relays or any other complications. The device connects to the 12 Volts of your battery via the ignition switch, to prevent hydrogen production when the engine is off. The device is fuse protected and draws very little current, only 1-3 Amps! This takes 10 minutes or less to connect.

    Electrical connection of hydrogen on demand

    Due to our unique design stainless steel SPIRALS rather than PLATES this device produces HHO gas for less electric power out of your battery (compared to older technology based on stainless steel plates). The spirals are also very easy to make BY HAND, compared to the plates that require expensive machinery to cut and process.

    But Won't It Void My Warranty?

    We get this question all the time. The answer is simple:

    Your car is being damaged right now by unburned fuel! Our technology will help not only eliminate carbon deposits caused by unburned gasoline but will ACTIVELY clean out your engine every time you drive. Over the first few weeks you will notice that the engine becomes smoother and smoother. Then it will level off at a new level at which the engine continues to steam-clean itself every day!

    Every Secret WaterPower Formulas device we've installed makes the engine quiet, calm. The engine stops knocking or "pinging". The water changes the combustion cycle and makes it more even or "round". This happens immediately upon installation, and from that moment on, your engine works in a new way. The effect is not only less noise, it's also less vibration, resulting in reduced strain on the transmission (thus smoother gear shifts), cleaner pistons and valves, and generally better engine operation.

    Water cools down the engine. For years, heavy trucks have been using water injection systems that cost up to $15,000 to cool their engines. Truck owners are very sensitive to maintenance expenses and they know from years of experience that water reduces their breakdowns and overall operating costs. We do the same affordably.

    Secret WaterPower Formulas technology widens the torque range and makes the vehicle accelerate faster. After acceleration, you don't have to press the gas pedal as much to keep going.

    EASY UNDO: Our technology does not change your vehicle's engine or computer, so if you ever decide that you don't want this system, you can unhook it in less than a minute and your car is just as it was but cleaner!

    Imagine yourself seeing, hearing and feeling the changes described above happening in your very own car, truck or boat. We invite you to test this technology for yourself just like we've done, and just like 1000's of vehicle owners and fleet managers from around the world have done.

    How Much Money Will I Save?

    Every car is different, and we cannot promise exact numbers.


    Slash your energy billsLet's say you drive a vehicle that gets 20 miles per gallon and you cover 2,000 miles per month, then you're consuming 100 gallons of gasoline a month. At $3 per gallon this equals $3,600 yearly out of your pocket! In Europe you pay almost double that. Save 35% fuel and you will have saved $1,260 per year in gasoline ($1,256 after expenses). If you have two, three or four drivers in the family, your yearly savings increase dramatically.

    The U.S. Department of Transportation reports the average life span of a vehicle is 12 years. This means that a potential saving for EACH CAR over its life span is $15,072.

    And what if you have a fleet of 50 drivers in your company? Then your savings per car will multiply to $753,600.

    What can you do with $753,600 in free cash?

    If you have several boats in your marine club, or if you are the fleet manager responsible for the economics of many trucks or transportation vans, then you know exactly what I'm talking about...


    Our math is based on our extensive road tests but may vary for you depending on car model, weather, driving conditions, altitude, etc.

    And with gas prices fluctuating like crazy, we can never be totally accurate. In fact our calculations may be off by 25% or more. Yet the H-U-G-E differences in the bottom line you see below will give you a clear idea of which one you want to have and how much you are risking:

    Product: WaterPower Device "X" Hybrid Car
    Your investment $200 or less $1,200 + $400 installation $17,000
    Power Boost 15-20% 15-20% 0
    Reduce emissions Yes Yes Not on highway!
    IRS Refund Support? YES! No Yes
    Noise Reduction Excellent Excellent Not on highway!
    Make money on referrals? YES! No No
    Permission to replicate? YES! No way! No way!
    Monthly Operation (1) 31/mo 31/mo expensive batteries every 5 years
    You Save Monthly (2) $104.70 $104.70 $29.90
    You Save Yearly (2) $1,256 $1,256 $359
    Time to cover investment 57 days! 15.3 months 47 Years
    (1) Estimated yearly consumption of 4 Gallons of distilled water +1 box of catalyst. BUT REMEMBER that if broken, the alternatives will cost $100's or $1000's to fix instead of pennies as in Secret WaterPower Formulas! (You will get full instructions and full access to our suppliers.)
    (2) Estimated gas savings based on a 20-MPG car driving 2000 miles/mo paying $3/Gallon of gas.

    IMPORTANT: We are going to reveal to you fuel saving techniques unknown to the average mechanic so don't go around asking "experts" who think they know everything! Instead, order these books, test the technology and then contact us with any questions you may still have. You're lucky to have found this place because what you get here are unique and little-known energy saving FACTS discovered by experimenting, not by theory alone.
    These facts are not obvious. In every street corner you'll find an expert or two who may have listened to their schoolteacher but have never TOUCHED this technology. The only way to know:

    (1) Don't listen to anybody!
    (2) Read these books to discover how we are getting ACTUAL RESULTS right now, 
    (3) Test it yourself!
    (4) If not completely satisfied, get an easy, no-hassle refund!

    Why Give You ALL the Information?
    Why Not Keep Secrets from You?

    There are forces today that would LOVE to see you WASTING FUEL. They say water cars are impossible, crazy, dangerous blah blah blah. On the other hand, great scientists and inventors such as Nikola Tesla have failed to fully realize their dream of HELPING OTHERS, and great inventions got lost. Why? The problem was always SECRECY and GREED. Here's a solution that's good for YOU:

    1. When you use the information in these books, you become part of a worldwide group. PARTICIPATION IS TOTALLY VOLUNTARY. But let me tell you why you want to exchange your experience.
    2. You receive the complete knowledge! We hold no secrets and the information is simply given away.
    3. We hold NO patents, NO royalties, NO copyrights on ANY of the technology that you will receive, even the complete manufacturing & maintenance information it's all there.
    4. We have an affiliate program that pays a whoppin' 75%!
    5. You see, under this "Open Source" policy there is no central point to be targeted due to SECRECY or GREED. It's spread out to you because you get the same power as we have.
    6. If you think "but that's not the way to do business", then you're missing the point. Have another look at what failed for geniuses like Tesla. Adjust your thinking accordingly. The demand is HUGE, almost unlimited seize the opportunity!
    7. The small price you pay for these books funds the research and enables us to give you the addresses and phone numbers of ALL our suppliers! You'll get catalog numbers, prices, where to find the CHEAPEST hardware online, low-cost tools and much more.
    8. You will actually learn from the extensive experience 100's of drivers! That's the POWER OF COMBINED EFFORT working for you:
    You are not alone! WaterPower users are all over the world:



    South Africa










    United Kingdom




    Continental USA




    Opening soon:


    Join us today!

    So What Am I Getting Here?

    Book #1Book #2

    When you place an order below you will receive instant access to a pair of very informative, very revealing no-secrets-held e-Books (download only books): (1) "Modify Your Car to Save Gas USING WATER!!!" and (2) "How to Save Tons of Fuel With Your Hydrogen-On-Demand System". Book 1 is about the technology itself, while book 2 shows you how to use THIS technology to save $$$.

    In these books you will discover step-by-step instructions to EASILY and AFFORDABLY assemble the powerful water-fuel system shown below for under $50, using simple tools at home, and how to save yourself a lot of money every time you drive: (CLICK HERE TO ENLARGE THE PHOTO)



    You can assemble this Hydrogen-On-Demand system from simple hardware in one weekend. We have specifically designed it with YOU in mind for easy assembly at home using a few basic tools and its major parts are:
    1. Electrolyzer (some call it "Hydrogen Generator"): Our unique design has SPIRAL electrodes rather than plates, thus producing MORE HHO for LESS energy from the battery. Contained in a quart-size highly durable jar. Looks fragile but it's not! We've never seen any of these jars break or crack, in thousands of miles of day-to-day road tests and I'm still using the same jar from 2006.
    2. MAP Sensor Enhancer: this electronic device reduces fuel consumption without modifying the engine or the computer an absolute must have for great fuel economy! 
    3. Vaporizer: ads water vapor to the engine to cool it down, improves combustion and fuel economy. Also serves as part of the "charged water system" that you will learn about. Good for almost any vehicle, generator or even a lawn mower!
    4. Fuel Heater: pre-heats your gasoline for better gas economy, using only energy from the radiator that gets wasted otherwise. Absolutely NO modifications done to the radiator or its hoses!
    5. PCV Enhancer: another great companion to your hydrogen system that improves the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) function, protects your engine and saves gas.
    6. Fuse holder + wiring. Connect to the 12 volts.
    7. Vacuum T-connector: helps you splice the vacuum line for feeding the hydrogen and oxygen into the engine.
    8. Two vacuum hoses, 3.5 feet each. One connects to the intake manifold, the other to the air filter.
    9. Mechanical installation hardware: Bungee cords, 8" cable straps (for Electrolyzer), 11" cable straps (for Fuel Heater), flex tubing (to protect the wiring harness), and 1/4" vinyl tubing.
    10. Catalyst: household Baking Soda totally safe catalyst! Catalyst is the substance that helps the electricity separate water into HHO. Distilled water alone does not conduct electricity so nothing would happen without this material. Can be obtained cheaply at your grocery store.
    11. You will have everything you need to successfully install, operate and fine-tune your Secret WaterPower Formulas system for maximum fuel economy "Just Add Water!"

    Minimal System The Secret Formula They Don't Want You to Know

    IS THE ABOVE TOO MUCH TO BEGIN WITH? Do you want something EVEN SIMPLER to start with? No problem! Here is the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM you need to start SAVING FUEL in your car:

    1. The Electrolyzer produces Brown's Gas: Hydrogen & Oxygen for your engine,
    2. The MAP Sensor Enhancer tunes your computer to maximum fuel economy.

    3. Several formulas given, mainly based on Xylene (Xylol) (some also with Acetone). Xylene can be obtained cheaply from hardware stores (paint department) and helps to atomize the fuel so it can be broken easily into smaller particles. This enhances conmbustion and saves much more money than it costs.

    core system to save gas
    You will find that these devices are very powerful, but also that each device is simple enough to build in a couple of hours from low-cost hardware. Once you have these "appetizers" in action, and you feel the power of this technology to save fuel in your car, I'm sure you will get the appetite to check out the rest of the technology revealed to you. It will actually be a good idea if you start with this minimum and then grow your Hydrogen-On-Demand system in several easy phases.

    In these books each device is described in its own separate chapter, so it is easy to pick and choose what you want.


    IMPORTANT: You'll get all of the VITAL e-books shown below, so you can save the most gasoline and make the best out of this technology. These e-books complement each other: they teach you about the same system but from two different perspectives - Book#1 is all about the technology, and Book #2 is all about the money. It does not matter so much in which order you read them, but it wouldn't make much sense if you had one e-book but not the other. In other words these e-books are a powerful bundle. YOU WILL ALSO HAVE FREE ACCESS TO ALL THE UPDATES.

    These books are the result of 23 years of research, as well as 90 years of development by practically 1000's of experimenters. I wish I could write it in one easy afternoon like some of the books sold on the Internet... But no, it took me 16 hard months of gathering information, building more than 140 systems with my own hands, shooting photographs and videos, doing road tests night after night and documenting my trail so you can now follow in my footsteps with ease.

    You can already see that this technology is extensive. Yes, it could still be a scam and that's exactly why you should check it out for yourself. Your satisfaction is guaranteed by Secret WaterPower Formulas so you can get your money back and it will cost you nothing if you find this technology impractical.

    Book #3: The Incredible HydroStar System:
    Run Your Car Entirely On Water!

    Increase MPG with a hydrogen engine that uses water for fuel.
    The HydroStar is a hydrogen car conversion manual to let your
    automobile run on water! Its a hydrogen car invention!

    U.C.S*  Works on practically every make and model of vehicle.

    SUVs and Trucks
    Gas BBQ Pits
    Any engine or appliance that needs gas vapor.

    Now you can run any vehicle on FREE energy!

    The HydroStar can power your engine with the highly potent energy of hydrogen, nature's perfect fuel. It's more powerful than gas and it's trapped in every drop of water. Only the HydroStar can efficiently free water of its hydrogen in sufficient quantities to run a car, or even a big truck or jet plane, 100% on hydrogen!

    Amazing HyTronics Technology

    The HyTronics module is the closely guarded secret behind the success of the HydroStar. A major breakthrough in electronics technology lead to development of the HyTronics circuitry. Closely controlled high-energy pulses of electrical power of precise frequency and duration, are the trademarks of the HyTronics module. Easy Inexpensive Conversion.

    Has Been Made Available To Consumers And Is Being
    Offered Exclusively By Secret WaterPower Formulas.

    Easy, Inexpensive Conversion

    Best of all, the HydroStar is a simple "add-on" conversion. You don't have to throw away or replace any part of your existing vehicle, whether it's a car, truck, motorcycle, airplane, boat or van. No exotic parts are used in the HydroStar, so it's inexpensive. You need the advanced HydroStar System! The instructions are step-by-step and clearly illustrated to make assembly and installation an easy process to follow. And, the HydroStar system is fully guaranteed. You can't lose!

    New Idea?

    The HydroStar is unique, nothing else compares to it. It's compact, inexpensive, relatively easy to assemble, and totally reliable. But, the actual idea of using hydrogen is over a century old; it goes back to the very first engine. It was a great idea, but nobody could figure out how to turn the concept into reality.

    Hydrogen Engines in the News (Courtesy of BIG OIL)

    We keep hearing glorious things about the next generation of vehicles. They will use fuel cells. The energy output of fuel cells is hydrogen wonderful, clean-burning hydrogen. The BIG PROBLEM is, fuel cells still have to be fueled with petroleum products (gas, diesel, kerosene, oil, etc.). The BIG OIL BOYS keep doing it to us! But, there's an easy and exciting way out of this dilemma:

    Only the HydroStar Runs 100% on Water.

    Practical fuel cell vehicles are still several years down the road and they will be very expensive; at least until they are mass produced. But, mass production will only happen if the idea of using fuel cells catches on in the first place!

    The HydroStar Conversion is here NOW!

    The HydroStar is a conversion system, that means you don't have to add, replace or modify any part of your existing vehicle. You can always switch back to inefficient gasoline power in the unlikely event that the HydroStar ever fails. But you'll soon have it working again. Once you've driven with the HydroStar, you'll never be happy with anything else.

    Fabulous Performance

    The first thing you'll notice with the HydroStar is a modest increase in power. Hydrogen yields greater energy than gas, so it stands to reason that you should expect more pep. But, the biggest payoff is in increased MPG's. The HydroStar is theoretically capable of delivering from 50 to 300 MPG of water. But, as with any gasoline powered vehicle, actual MPGs will depend on various factors such as terrain, driving habits, vehicle weight and shape and ability to tweak the system. But, best of all, great performance happens as the results of using water a virtually FREE and inexhaustible fuel source. Easy-to-find Parts Not only is the HydroStar relatively simple, but its parts are easy to find. This 102 page manual presents complete plans and detailed descriptions sufficient to build a workable HydroStar System.

    Cutting Edge HYTRONICS Make It Possible To Construct A Simplistic,
    Affordable And Powerful Hydrogen Fuel System For Your Vehicle.


    Not only is the HydroStar relatively simple, but its parts are easy to find. For example:

    1. Hydrogen Generator It's case is made of 6" PVC pipe. It's available at all building supply stores and costs next to nothing. And, being only about 10" long, it's compact enough to fit under the hood of almost any vehicle. Location isn't critical. You can even mount it in the trunk.

    2. Water Reservoir Any old large can or jar will do the job, but a 5 to 10 gallon plastic gas can is perfect.

    3. HyTronics No high cost or exotic electronic parts are used in the HydroStar. You can find everything at a local Radio Shack, Circuits-R-U, or DigiKey. Or buy from any one of dozens of mail order suppliers.

    Environmentally Friendly

    The original concept for the HydroStar was conceived by a small group of scientists, engineers, and inventors in Canada. They were determined to do something meaningful about their deteriorating environment, but couldn't obtain any real help or funding from government sources. So they decided they themselves would do something about it. The HydroStar is one result, but one very important result, of their personal funding and efforts. If you're also concerned about our environment, as we all should be, the HydroStar certainly shines there! Not only does it use an inexhaustible resource (water), but it actually helps clean pollution from the air we breathe. That's right, as you drive it pulls in atmospheric air (with all its pollutants) and burns it. Its only exhaust byproduct is water clean water!

    About The HydroStar Plans & Manual and the Owner.

    The HydroStar manual and plans are a product of Power Products. The owner is William S. Power and is located at 7017 No Litchfield #388, Glendale, AZ 85307. Bill has worked in industry for many years as a physicist, engineer, and scientist. He started out with the idea of manufacturing the HydroStar himself. "At first, I thought that building it myself was the way to go. But I kept running up against all those horror stories you hear about Big Oil. You've probably heard of some of the extremes they allegedly go to in keeping gas-savers off the market. And the HydroStar is much more than just a gas-saver. It doesn't use any gas at all!", as reported by the "What's New?" column in Glendale, Arizona. As he goes on to say "We're considering the idea of eventually producing a kit for the HydroStar, or at least a kit for its main components. We're projecting mid to late 2008 at the very earliest. I finally decided that for folks wanting a HydroStar system any time soon, a book and plans set was the perfect way to go. After all, it's design is relatively simple it lends itself well to being built in a home workshop."

    The Plans and the Manual are first-class from start to finish. The text and artwork are superb. Every word of text is written by an automotive expert with many years of experience. Included is a patent drawing (along with text details) for a neat little hydrogen generating carburetor that has everything self-contained. Along with the drawings, the manual has a list of materials needed with a list of suppliers. The whole works simply bolted right onto the intake manifold. What an ingenious invention that was...and it was done way back in 1936.

    BOOK #4: The Newer Updated Book...
    The Most Incredible HydroGen System!

    Plus, On Top Of ALL This...
    BOOK #5 IS FREE!

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    Pre-published documents Verify:
    Suppressed Invention Revealed! NOT A GIMMICK.

    100% Unconditional Guarantee!

    The HydroStar carries a 56 day warranty from date of purchase. If for any reason you are unhappy with the manual and feel it's not what you expected, we will refund your money. No questions asked.

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    Whether you want to learn all you can about the HydroStar, HydroGen and HydroMist systems, or want to build your own version, a copy of the books and plans is just what you need. The HydroStar manual alone could easily sell for $300. Think about it. If you had a device that could let your car run on water, wouldn't you pay $300 for it? Imagine how much gas you would save. The HydroStar/HydroGen systems are for all kinds of engines: Boats, Airplanes, Motor Bikes, Gas Appliances, BBQ Pits, Hot Water Heaters, etc. But you are not going to pay $300. For a very limited time only, you can get the HydroStar and HydroGen Manuals, including the HydroMist Manual, for the super-bargain price of only $3, if you are willing to obtain Books #1 & #2 for 75% off their regular price from our affiliate who referred you to our site.


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    Book 1:
    * How to make ALL parts of at home: Low-Cost Sources, Catalog #, Procedures w/Photos,
    * Installing Boosters & Enhancers
    * Maintenance & Troubleshooting
    * Using the 5 Systems: Electrolyzer, Vaporizer, Charged Water, etc.
    * And much more!
    Book 2:
    * How to MAXIMIZE YOUR FUEL ECONOMY using Hydrogen-On-Demand
    * How to Fine-Tune Enhancers for Best Efficiency = best SAVINGS for you!
    * AXG7: Powerful but Little-Known Fuel Additive FORMULA You Can Make at Home
    * Driving Methods to Save Gas,
    * And much more!
    Note: these are e-books (electronic books), no printed copy will be sent. If after payment you have download problems contact us and we will help you solve the problem immediately.


    Books 1 & 2 You Will Discover How To Transform ONE
    Set of Hardware into FIVE Hydrogen Systems!

    1. HHO/BROWN'S GAS GENERATOR (people call it "Hydrogen Generator" but as I said HHO is more powerful), consisting of the Electrolyzer, wiring harness, hoses and installation accessories. Works with Pure Baking Soda (provided) in distilled water. Will boost performance in all cars, boats and generators. So far has boosted MPG by as much as 70%, but more realistically 25%-60% expected.
    2. WATER VAPOR BOOSTING SYSTEM, consisting of the Vaporizer, hoses and installation accessories. Works with tap water. Not as powerful as system #1 but can still boost your car's power and mileage by 10%-15%. Very simple, easy to replicate in 5 minutes.
    3. CHARGED WATER SYSTEM, a unique invention making use of BOTH JARS with distilled water, Pure Baking Soda as well as tap water and hydrogen peroxide (cheap non-hazardous liquid from your drugstore or dollar store). Instructions will be given to you, and you will find this system very interesting. You will need a small aquarium pump and a cellphone charger. This revolutionary use of simple everyday hardware has made cars in Florida and Montana improve fuel economy by 50%-72%.
    4. ADVANCED HHO BOOSTING SYSTEM. This system is the best of the best and consists of the Electrolyzer (with the wiring harness, hoses and installation accessories), enhanced by the PCV Enhancer, Fuel Heater and above all MAP Sensor Enhancer. Works with Pure Baking Soda in distilled water. Works best in newer cars (1996 and newer). So far has boosted MPG by 59%.
    5. HEALTHY DRINKING WATER MAKER, a unique use of BOTH JARS with distilled water, Pure Baking Soda as well as filtered water (no hydrogen peroxide this time). Here too you will need a small aquarium pump and a cellphone charger. UNIQUE system that you cannot find anywhere else rivals drinking water chargers costing $2,500-$6,000, yet you will learn to make it for $20-$50.

    Want To Look Into The Books?

    The photographs and diagrams you will see below have been taken from the books that you will receive. These samples have been reduced in size and quality to fit this website you will get much larger, sharper and very complete photos and diagrams. These books are the product of Ozzie Freedom who served the Israeli Hi-Tech Industry as a senior technical for 10 years, and prepared technical manuals for projects of up to 200 million dollars. Every detail will come alive right before your eyes.

    sneak peek into the books... You will learn how to conduct the most ACCURATE mileage tests without any special tools.

    You will also get a printable mileage tracking and calculation table, as well as access to several computerized mileage tools.
    sneak peek into the books... You will learn from our experience and you will know what NOT TO DO, like in the example shown here how to deal with the brakes vacuum line.
    sneak peek into the books... Are you thinking of installing several systems? Great idea! But I don't want you to risk a lot of money. In the first book you'll find a list of VERY LOW-COST tools to help you expedite installations. The tool shown is a Vacuum Gauge that you can get for only $9.99 from our supplier. Not a must, but helpful.
    The diagram you see here is probably the most important part you will learn about. Because in some vehicles, even those with Hydrogen, fuel economy cannot improve one bit without this electronic wonder.

    I'm calling it wonder because it's very powerful yet extremely simple to make a high school kid with basic electronic skills can build it in one easy afternoon.
    sneak peek into the books...
    sneak peek into the books... You will learn to multiply the efficiency of your Hydrogen-On-Demand system by replicating this design, called Multi-Cell.

    I'm experimenting with 6 cells (jars) in the Toyota, but you can use fewer cells. It produces more hydrogen more efficiently, and you don't have to add water as often.

    In fact I drove with my multi-cell for 4 months April through July 2007 without having to add water!
    sneak peek into the books... This page will show you exactly how the multi-cell should be connected. I mean EXACTLY. I started with a book that was supposed to teach me everything about Multi-Cells, but then I had to go through a lot of trial and error to find out what was wrong.

    As usual, you will learn it from my experience thus saving yourself a lot of wasted materials and time, not to talk about frustration it will save you.

    This is worth knowing because this design has several advantages that you will learn about.
    In order to leave no place for imagination, you will get very detailed plans. Like this, for instance, a drilling template that's so accurate, you just print it off the book and drill thorough the paper on the red dots. No measuring or marking to do it cannot get any easier than this.

    This drilling template will help you make the Electrolyzer ("Hydrogen Generator"), which is the heart of the hydrogen system.
    sneak peek into the books...
    You will be able to follow my footsteps each and every step of the way to a complete hydrogen system.

    What you see is the result of many systems built by Bill Lang, Tom Lang and myself. It took a lot of trial and error and piles of hardware to come to this SIMPLE design that finally holds together and PERFORMS WELL TOO.

    The glues that are used in these pictures are Super Glue ("Crazy Glue") and Plumbers Goop, both obtainable from the hardware stores. However it's not obvious what sequence needs to be used, therefore I will lead you step by step to a successful and easy finish.
    sneak peek into the books...
    More pictures from the procedure to build the Electrolyzer. When you follow these instructions and photos, construction is not only fairly easy but also QUICK. If you intend to make a few, it becomes real easy after making a couple of those.

    Do what I do to make it even easier: print selected pages out of the book, place them in front of you when you work and see the difference. My $650 investment in a good camera pays off for you because the photographs are very vivid and show you every little detail. It's almost like being with me in the lab.
    sneak peek into the books...
    sneak peek into the books... If you're like me, this is one system I'm sure you will find very interesting the "Charged Water" system. This system is the greatest gas saver so far especially for older cars.
    sneak peek into the books... In this diagram and accompanying step-by-step instructions you will learn exactly how to prepare the "Charged Water" in this system.

    Once you set it up it's very easy to make any quantity of this powerful charged water. So you can have one setup serving many vehicles!
    Just an example from the step-by-step instructions you will get for making a Vaporizer (kind of water injector that saves gas in a simple yet powerful way). 

    If you glue together the few parts you see in this photo, you'll end up with the simplest and cheapest (under $2) vaporizer ever invented. It works great and takes less than 5 minutes to make.
    sneak peek into the books...
    This is how detailed the information you're going to get, every part number and exactly where to get it for the best price. 

    Shown here are the parts with which you can maintain the "PCV Enhancer", a device that keeps your engine cleaner and more powerful. Oh yes, reduces emissions as well as saves some gas too.

    The specific design takes 3-5 minutes to make with the instructions that you will get.
    sneak peek into the books...
    Another great companion to your hydrogen system is this Fuel Heater. What you see is from the instructions in the first book that you will get.

    A few minutes to make and never wears out so you will not have to maintain it. Well, not for the lifespan of the car anyway.
    sneak peek into the books...
    The photo you see is one of several that will make it very easy for you to make the electronic enhancer. Again, nothing left to the imagination and every wire is shown in vivid colors. sneak peek into the books...
    sneak peek into the books... You will learn with full color diagrams how the PCV Enhancer functions. This will help you not only understand how important it is to have one made and installed, but also HOW TO CONNECT it correctly to your engine.
    sneak peek into the books... You will learn how to boost your engine's performance with these simple but high quality coils. They have two versions: the one shown to the left is the coil to be used for engines that have coil packs...
    sneak peek into the books... ...and this is the version for older cars and other engines that use a distributor and "old style" spark plug wires.
    You will learn several methods, in fact ALL the possible methods to lean the air/fuel mixture. Shown here is the simplest and cheapest of them all. It is the one method that gained 56% better mileage in my Ford Bronco-II.

    You will also learn which method serves which car best, so you can choose with confident how and when to do it.
    sneak peek into the books...
    You will get step-by-step photograph instructions on installing the Fuel Heater.

    What you see here are two photos out of many.
    sneak peek into the books...
    sneak peek into the books... Did you know that formulas exist to make simple yet POWERFUL fuel additives, that add power to your engine and save gasoline while reducing emissions?

    You will learn how to make those yourself, how much to add to your fuel tank and where to get COST-EFFECTIVE ingredients.
    ??? Last but not least you will learn about POWERFUL DRIVING TECHNIQUES that save gasoline on top of all the rest. No, I'm not talking about "close the windows" or "buy a new hybrid". You will discover:
    • Driving methods that help hydrogen systems in particular, and
    • Some very-little-known tricks...for example...
    You'll find much, much more inside! This is the most extensive pair of books ever written on PRACTICAL Hydrogen-On-Demand systems.

    Did you ever wish you had somebody take you by the hand from theory through the hardware store to pick up ONLY what's necessary and cost effective and finally guide you step by step to having your very own hydrogen system? Well these new books do exactly that! It has never been done before to such an extent consider yourself lucky to have found this opportunity today and GRAB IT NOW!


    Can I Do it without the Books?

    Good question...I believe you can! But...


    You see, automotive use of water-for-energy is 90+ years old. In fact the first internal combustion engines, 207 years ago, used hydrogen because gasoline hadn't been invented yet! Many Patents have been applied and forgotten. So yes, you can build a Hydrogen-On-Demand system yourself, using information from the Internet and the Patent Library. But let's face it you'll have to filter mountains of old US Patents, read 1000's of pages and diagrams, go through months or more probably years of backyard tests, road tests and heavy expenses on tooling and materials.

    Think of your costs and frustrations... imagine your garage filled with half-done projects... We've invested 23 years in Research & Development to offer you all this when you order your copy of these books:

    • You will discover what works and what doesn't work in modern cars.
    • You will learn to construct the SIMPLEST yet MOST EFFICIENT WORKING MODEL using simple home tools and basic skills. No special automotive skills needed: in 2006 I was a computer guy without any knowledge or experience with car engines. I installed my first system myself, slowly and with $1 tools, and all it took was 45 minutes. If I could do it, you can too. But you will have an advantage I did not have you will have a thick book with hundreds of pages and photographs to guide you, that we didn't have back then!
    • You won't have to suffer the time, wasted money and frustrations that we went through.
    • You will learn the technology which is the easiest to REPLICATE AT HOME with basic tools anywhere in the world! The difference from any other book or technology is that you will be able to teach others for profit or build several hydrogen systems per week in your spare time for high extra income.

    But what if I'm not technical?
    What if I don't have time for all this?

    I understand where you're at. Let me tell you about a great solution you can start implementing right now:

    1. Order these two books and read them. Get the information on what CAN BE DONE.
    2. You will then be able to decide whether you want to build and install this hydrogen system yourself or if you want "full service" for your car, in other words you want others to make and install it for you.
    3. If "full service" is what you need and want, you will have access to a web-based marketplace, where our friends of the waterfuel industry are offering ready-to-install systems and services (such as installations) for discounted prices.
    4. If you want to work with your own mechanic, order the manuals. Then print the installation pages and have your mechanic install it for you. I found that auto mechanics are very interested in this technology and most of them are willing to install it when written instructions and support are given to them.

    Don't go there now. I warmly recommend that you read the books first. Don't decide now. Whatever you choose after reading will be OK, because you won't lose a penny either way!

    We are the only company with the ability to offer affordable high quality solutions to the mechanic and book reader alike. Either way you're at the right spot.

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    Book 1 ("User Manual" for short) - this e-book is about making/installing the TECHNOLOGY
    Book 2 ("Gas Saving Techniques" for short) - How You SAVE $$$
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    Book 1:
    * How to make ALL parts of at home: Low-Cost Sources, Catalog #, Procedures w/Photos,
    * Installing Boosters & Enhancers
    * Maintenance & Troubleshooting
    * Using the 5 Systems: Electrolyzer, Vaporizer, Charged Water, etc.
    * And much more!
    Book 2:
    * How to MAXIMIZE YOUR FUEL ECONOMY using Hydrogen-On-Demand
    * How to Fine-Tune Enhancers for Best Efficiency = best SAVINGS for you!
    * AXG7: Powerful but Little-Known Fuel Additive FORMULA You Can Make at Home
    * Driving Methods to Save Gas,
    * And much more!
    Note: these are e-books (electronic books), no printed copy will be sent. If after payment you have download problems contact us and we will help you solve the problem immediately.


    Space Requirements, Maintenance & Safety

    We're not going to go over everything here. You'll get all the instructions. But here are the major factors you have to know:

    SAFETY FIRST: First thing you have to understand is there are NO safety hazards this system is SAFE. Yes, pure Hydrogen is dangerous. And it is dangerous to store it in high-pressure tanks. But we do NOT generate Hydrogen, you see, we generate HHO. The presence of Oxygen and water vapor in our system makes HHO very safe! Yes, HHO is a powerful combustible gas. But it's NOT explosive like pure Hydrogen. It does NOT need cooling and will be ignited only by the strong spark inside your engine. This has been proven by many thousands of miles of road tests in harsh weather and road conditions. 

    Again, we don't generate Hydrogen; we generate HHO and also WE DO NOT STORE IT. All HHO produced gets consumed by the engine right away. Bottom line: unlike "Hydrogen Cars" this system is VERY SAFE.

    Also, in stark difference than most "Hydrogen Generators" out there, our system does NOT require the use of harsh chemicals (KOH, Red Devil, Lye, Drano, etc) - we use ONLY Pure Baking Soda (like Arm & Hammer) for maximum safety for the beginner and experienced mechanic alike.

    Space needed to install WaterPower HHO DeviceMAINTENANCE: Little service is needed, maybe 5 minutes a week. You will get easy to follow instructions. You need basic technical skills or someone to do it for you. What's needed? It is recommended that you inspect it weekly, add a bit of water ( cup a week) and every 3-6 weeks put 3 cups of distilled water and 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda. More maintenance is rarely needed. We do not supply parts; those can be obtained very cheaply from hardware stores (catalog numbers provided for your convenience) so you can enjoy this technology for many years with very little expense.

    SPACE REQUIREMENTS: The minimal space required for installation is 3.7 inch wide (9.4 cm) by 8 inch tall (20.3 cm). You should have easy access to the device. Ideal places we have found are near the washer fluid, the battery or in front of the radiator.

    The system you will learn is very easy you can make many copies of it. Per our policy of "Open Source" you will get instructions and cheap resources to fully duplicate this system and create more WaterPower units for your friends using only easily obtained hardware and simple tools!!! NOTHING is hidden or complicated. The Power Of Simplicity is at your service!


    The costs to replicate the basic Gas Saver can be as cheap as $1.50...yes, you're reading it right, a dollar and a half. Replicating costs for the Electrolyzer (Hydrogen system) can be as low as $20. You can charge up to $300 per system or even more with installation, leaving you with more than 1000% of net profit. Installation takes less than an hour, so imagine if you could sell/install only 2 in the evening, six days a week after your day's work, that's an extra income of $3,360 each and every week!!!cash

    No special tools necessary you can be profitable the first day. Actually the demand is so huge everywhere in the world, that you can collect money in advance to buy materials. People will be throwing $100's at you. No kidding I'm talking from personal experience!

    Potential customers are everywhere:

    *  Church members,
    *  Families, especially those who need several cars,
    *  Fleet managers/owners of small companies in your town,
    *  College students need to save on school travel and fun rides,
    *  Anybody who drives long distances: farmers, salesmen, delivery guys, etc.
    * Truck drivers.  The technology system you will learn is good for all pickup trucks, vans and small trucks.
    * Anybody at the gas station, you just say:  "Hey, I want to show you something!" and you open the hood and they'll come to see what's there. I've done it so many times and the interest is so great that nobody has refused to look yet.


    In Short...

    stop waste STOP Spending $1,200 or More Every Year on WASTED Fuel...

    stop waste STOP Emitting Heat and Pollution into The Air You Breathe!

    start START Enjoying a Smooth, Quiet Ride and Longer Engine Life!

     START a Stealth Attack on Crazy Gas Prices...
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    FREE BONUS #1: "Free Energy Secrets" by Patrick J. Kelly

    This is the most complete reference on Practical Free Energy Devices that we've ever seen.  Patrick J. Kelly, a world expert on the subject of Free Energy and an excellent writer, has extensively researched, compiled and written the following:

    • 1422 pages of mind boggling information
    • Hundreds of photographs
    • Little known inventions, in text and drawings
    • Colorful demonstrations of how it's done and how it works
    • An easy-to-follow Electronics Tutorial
    • 21 interesting videos, and much more...

    If you've ever hoped or dreamt about Free Energy, this is a must-have resource. And it's yours to keep with your order (NOTE: online download only, no printout will be shipped). Courtesy of Panacea Online University.

    FREE BONUS #2: Blueprints for 100%-Water Cars

    Blueprints for 100% Water Cars--CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLESI've seen water-car plans sold on eBay and other websites from $20 to $189 each. Don't pay $100's for these watercar plans because you will receive this rare compilation of  SIX  TWELVE plans for building your very own water car. I mean, WATER car. No gasoline at all, or in some cases 3% gasoline is used as a cheap alternative to rust-proofing the engine. Still, 97% water is a nice "water car", don't you think?

    These documents are not an advertisement to buy stuff. The information is THERE, from text and graphs to mechanical diagrams and electronic schematics. You will find that these plans are actually a package of very rare data and instructions, jam-packed with rare information. Here's a sneak peek into WATERCAR PLAN #10

    You will receive immediate access to watercar designs by the following inventors:

    1. Stan Meyer (Stanley Meyer, reported murdered by Big Petrol)
    2. Carl Cella
    3. "Joe" the mysterious inventor from Australia, documented by Alex Schiffer and others
    4. Bob Boyce
    5. Xogen (based in part on Stan Meyers and his brother Stephen Meyer)
    6. Paul Pantone
    7. Rudolph W. Gunnerman
    8. Juan Carlos Aguero
    9. Archie Blue
    10. "Smack" Booster
    11. HydroStar (or Hydro-Star, and its newer version HydroGen or Hydro-Gen)
    12. The Australian "Nitro Cell" by unknown inventor
    13. The famous Camaro design by an auto mechanic identified only as "S1R9A9M9"
    14. Watercar plans published by Drunvalo Melchizedek
    15. and more!
    IMPORTANT NOTE: We don't have the funds to prove the validity of each plan. We have NOT written them. Yet we feel that it is important to keep suppressed technologies alive, so even if you don't find the time, space or skills to build one of these water cars yourself, please get them free with your order and give/sell them to everybody who may be interested. Thanks!
    ~Ozzie Freedom

    (Available as online downloads only, no printout will be shipped).

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    You will learn how to get your watercar costs back from the IRS as you deserve. Why do you deserve to get your money back? Because of your beautiful eyes? No. It's because by driving a "green" car you'll be actually HELPING NATIONAL ECONOMY by reducing our costs on pollution, hospitals, sick days, and national debt for imported oil not to mention the painful price of economic dependability!

    Since 2005 the American IRS could not ignore alternative fuel anymore, and started giving considerable rewards for "green" cars, green fuels and green upgrades. We will teach you how to maximize your rewards. Below you will see exact quotes out of official IRS documents, of which you will receive a complete copy. The IRS code states that you can benefit from this reward regardless of whether you drive for pleasure or business:

    "The deduction for this property may be claimed regardless of whether the property is used in a trade or business."

    Keep the receipts according to this you should get your installation costs back as well:

    "Any property installed on a motor vehicle (including installation costs) to enable it to be propelled by a clean-burning fuel*."
    "For vehicles that may be propelled by both a clean-burning fuel* and any other fuel, your deduction is generally the additional cost of permitting the use of the clean-burning fuel."
    * The IRS defines Hydrogen as one of several "clean-burning fuels."

    You can get back up to $2,000 for a car, or up to $50,000 for a truck!!! Isn't that amazing? The text below is not written by us, it's copied word for word out of the new IRS code:

    "Deduction limit. The maximum deduction you can claim for qualified clean-fuel vehicle property with respect to any motor vehicle is one of the following.
    1. $50,000 for a truck or van with a gross vehicle weight rating over 26,000 pounds or for a bus with a seating capacity of at least 20 adults (excluding the driver).
    2. $5,000 for a truck or van with a gross vehicle weight rating over 10,000 pounds but not more than 26,000 pounds.
    3. $2,000 for a vehicle not included in (1) or (2)."
  • Official IRS paperwork for claiming your money back as tax deductions for each vehicle you're installing Secret WaterPower Formulas in,
  • The complete IRS codes regarding green vehicles/upgrades,
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